Elegant Muscle Launches New Interactive, Customer Focused Website

Meeting the Stylish yet Versatile Needs of Women’s Active Wear


Columbia, South Carolina – November 15, 2017 – Elegant Muscle Company (E.M.C.), a leader in women’s active wear, is introducing their new website designed with the customer in mind. This website is geared towards providing seamless and functional navigation for women of all workout levels to access stylish yet versatile apparel. As women around the world desire to increase fitness and have the flexibility to go from the gym to the store, Elegant Muscle Company is consistently maintaining its edge and creativity in providing quality to each customer.


Elegant Muscle Company has stated that “Looking good and feeling good are undeniably related, even when it comes to active wear. Here at E.M.C., we understand Elegance is more than a look, it’s a feeling.”. With that thought in mind, we have brought that feeling closer to the consumer with this website release.


Elegant Muscle Company seeks to empower women by giving them the 5 Components of Elegance: Confidence, Simplicity, Style, Grace, and Beauty. E.M.C. customers can count on great customer service, quality products, and just the right active wear delivered through a user friendly and engaging website.


About Elegant Muscle Company

Elegant Muscle Company was conceived out of a desire to create an Elegant and versatile range of active wear for women. We focus on providing fitness wear that effortlessly transforms with the wearer’s demanding lifestyle. Rugged enough for the gym, or yoga class; yet stylish enough to wear while traveling, or making a quick run to the store after your workout. With E.M.C. there’s no need to sacrifice comfort for Elegance. We provide comfortable and alluring pieces created from premium materials that allow you to move freely through your day.