January 2018 Volume 1, Issue 1 Publication Snippet

Columbia, South Carolina – January 2018 – Elegant Muscle Company (E.M.C.) has launched its monthly publication designed to keep our followers informed on topics such as Nutrition, Health, Sex, Workout Routines, Weight Loss, and Beauty. Checkout the January 2018 Edition by clicking on the “Monthly Publication” tab on our homepage. Until then, here’s a snippet from our “Causes of Cancer / Cancer Fighting Spices” article.:

     Cancer is a genetic disease caused by changes to the genes that control the way our cells function. When a person develops cancer, cells divide uncontrollably which then leads to abnormal cell growth. This growth causes cells to invade nearby tissues and spread to other parts of the body. In this article we will first discuss a few carcinogenic materials that we encounter on a daily basis, and then discuss a few cancer fighting spices that can help us in our daily struggle to maintain proper gene function. Below are a few common carcinogenic materials:

  • Pesticides and Herbicides
  • Animal Products with Hormones and Antibiotics
  • Artificial Sweeteners & High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Food Additives

Find out more about cancer causing materials and learn what you can do to protect yourself from them by checking out our January Publication: